This is Bert he is a red silver male neuter, he was born 03/03/07. Bert is one of the best cats anyone could wish for and gets on very well with all his girlfriends and younger sisters Jewel & Lilly. He is a massive 17lb in weight and loves to sit on your lap and purr!!  Thank you Deborah for a wonderful boy!!





Esme is a brown tortie and white female neuter, she was born 08/04/07. Princess Es as she's known by us is a very quiet and gentle girl and loves to be on the top of the scratching post in the cat run. She thinks she is Breeze and Storm's mum and takes great pride in giving them a fantastic wash several times a day. Her second favourite place is my bed where she makes herself very comfortable every night .




Jewel 15th June 2011


Jewel was born 26/07/07 and is a silver tabby female neuter. She is a beautifiul girl who very much likes to be the "boss" and likes to be one of the first to introduce herself to any new arrivals, she is always ready for a game and is always first to tell me when its tea-time. She is such a pleasure to have around at all times.