Let me introduce you to the wonderful world of the NORWEGIAN FOREST CAT.


These cats go back a long way in history, around the 17th centuary where they were first spotted living wild in the forests and on farms in Norway.

They live up trees only coming back down to forest floor to hunt for their food. The forest cat is also referred to as a "Wegie". They have two coats covering their big boned bodies, the undercoat is very dense to keep in the warmth, the second coat is a silky coat with guard hairs which keeps the cats dry and acts like a water-proof outer coat. In Winter they develop a full coat with bib, full collar and knickerbockers. Their tails are long and bushy and are carried around very proudly. The coat can be nearly all colours apart from fawn, cinnamon, chocolate and lilac which are not proven to come from the natural breed.

They appear to have an alert look that is unique, the eyes are large oval shaped and can also be almost any colour regardless of the coat colour. The head shape is triangular with equal sides.  The forehead is slightly rounded and the profile is long and straight without break in line. The ears are large with good width at the base with lynx tips and long hairs growing out of the ears. The chin is firm and strong.

*  The coat is judged on texture & quality

*  The breed takes up to four years to fully develop

*  It can take six months for a kitten to develop guard hairs

*  The coat can dramatically change between summer &  winter

They have large paws with tufts between their toes which keeps their feet warm when they walk on the forest floor in exceptional cold temperatures during the Winter. These cats are exceptional climbers and spend many hours on big tree branches.  It is said that they decend from trees head first. The body is muscular and strong  high on legs,  hind legs are longer than the front.

Forest cats were first shown in 1938 in Norway it wasnt until later on they were exported to Sweden and then in 1979 the NFC was transported from Norway to the United States. Today the  Norwegian Forest Cat is recognised throughout  the world and in my opinion are the "BEST"!!




We are members of the:-

Norwegian Forest Cat Club

West of England & South Wales Cat Club

Celtic LH & SLH Cat Society







19th November 2011 -(N) Migoto's Julius became CHAMPION at the SUPREME show 2011. Judge Mrs Pat Perkins. Julius had a lovely day with lots of visitors wanting to take him home, as usual he was very happy and enjoyed all the fuss........



8th October 2011 - S* Just Catnaps Kiton Black went to the Cambria cat club show at Thornbury Bristol and gained 1st in his open class and BEST OF BREED. Thank you to Mrs Lyall. We are so proud of our boy being his first ever show and he took it all in his stride :)


Thank you to Mrs Alison Lyall for this wonderful report :-

1ST,PC & BOB.READ’S S*JUST CATNAPS KITON BLACK 67 31 MN – 23.11.09. What a stunner this black and white boy was - with his irresistible curling white eyebrows and Lone Ranger mask, he was most beautifully presented and had a wonderful temperament. He was enormous, with impressive substance and with that lovely NFC elegance shining out in spite of his size – a lovely example of a natural breed. Broad triangular head with equilateral structure and the lateral lines emphasised and extended by very large ears with long curling furnishings. Eyes well opened, obliquely set and most expressive, long nose which was a little bumpy but basically straight in profile, level bite and deep strong chin. Long muscular body standing taller at the rear on long, thick, strongly boned legs with large tufted paws, and long bushy tail. Coat full with shining harsher waterproof top and deep woolly undercoat, full shirtfront with mane to frame the head and generous knickerbockers.


 24th September 2011 - (N) Migotos Julius went to the South Western Counties Cat Club in Taunton and gained 1st in Open class, Best of Breed, Best in Variety and BEST IN SHOW semi-longhair :-) We are very proud of our magnificent boy as described by Mrs Shingleton :-)


 Thank you to Mrs B Shingleton :-


1ST.CC.BOB.  READ’S MIGOTO’S JULIUS. 67 31t. 090410.
Triangular head all sides equal, long straight profile, forehead slightly rounded with strong chin.  Ears large with good width at base, ear placement high and open set, lines of the ears follow the line  of the head down to the chin, eyes large oval and well opened, obliquely set and alert expression.  Big and strongly built body, long and muscular with solid bone structure, deep chest and strong neck, standing high on strong boned legs, balanced tail.  Very good coat texture and presentation.  This young boy was hugely impressive, his temperament wonderful – what a wonderful asset to the breed.


September 10th 2011 -  (N) Migotos Julius attended the Wyvern show Worcester and gained 1st in open class, Best of Breed. 1st A.C Norwegian forest adult. 1st  A.V SLH debutante adult and 1st A.V maiden adult and a red card day to complete a great show. Judge reports to follow :-)


Thank you to Mrs Lyall for a great report on Julius' first show in the UK :-

October 9th 2010 - Jimi went to the Cambria Cat Club Show, Thornbury and gained 3rd in open class (neuter) and 3 x 2nd in miscellaneous classes

1ST,CC & BOB. READ'S MIGOTOS JULIUS (IMP) 67 31t M - 9.4.10. This cat was the star of my day - a pleasure to handle, alert and interested and showing himself to perfection. Defined and masculine triangular head with lovely breadth between the ears and deep strong chin forming the base. Lovely large ears with tiny tufts and good furnishings which extend the lateral lines of the triangle. Beautifully shaped large and well opened, obliquely set eyes, long straight profile and level bite. Long legs like tree trunks ending in enormous tufted paws and standing taller at the rear, very long body which is strong and muscular with deep chest and broad shoulders and ending in impressive length of very bushy tail. Coat fully double with firm top and woolly base, very long with lavish shirtfront, mane starting from behind the ears and breaking over the shoulders, and generous bushy knickerbockers. So confident, elegant and charming and such a poser, he knows he is handsome!


 October 9th 2010 - Spirit went to the Cambria Cat Club Show, Thornbury and gained 3rd in open class and 2 x 1st and a 2nd in miscellaneous classes



Spirit  went to her first show 25th September 2010  at The South Western Counties Cat Club, Somerset. Spirit gained 2nd in her open class and a 2nd in miscellaneous class.


Seryn went to the  Somerset Cat Club Show 5th June 2010 she gained her 1st CHALLENGE CERTIFICATE and 1st & 2nd in miscellaneous classes.....she was very well behaved and enjoyed her first ever show :-) 





Promising youngster who is very nice overall. Well muscled body high on firm limbs. Lovely coat has length and very nice texture, super long bushy tail. Balanced triangular head, long straight profile, firm chin. Large ears, good width at base, set high and open; ears well furnished. Well opened large oval eyes. A very nice exhibit.



Beautiful girl and stylish. Good head,. Good length wedge,good profile and chin. Large ears, lovely eyes. Strong body, good legs and paws. Super tail and lovely coat. Excellent temperament and condition.

 Jimi-Red went to the Somerset Cat Club Show 5th June 2010 and gained a 2nd in the Open Class, 1st & 2nd in miscellaneous classes. A handsome white import boy Sonny Blue Tanis owned by Darren Handy won a well deserved 1st :-) 


Jimi-Red went to the Bristol & District Cat Club show 8/5/10 at Thornbury and gained 1st in the Open class, BEST OF BREED, 1st & 3rd in miscellaneous classes. 




Miss Mole went to her first show today 8/5/10 Bristol & District Cat Club at Thornbury and gained 1st in her Open class and a 1st & 2nd in miscellaneous classes. 

 Vivien went to her first show on Saturday 5th December at Rugby and gained an EX2. We were more than happy with this result being our first FIFe show too!!

Pictures taken by Robert Fox Photography 


Westlakes Pirate went to the Cambria show on Saturday 10th October, this was his first show at six months old. We are so pleased to say he got 1st in his Open Class, Best of Breed, 1st and 2 x 3rd  in side classes also he got a special rossette from Mrs Tokens as he was chosen from all the exhibitors as her favourite kitten of the show. 

Kylerhea Indigo went to the Wiltshire & District Cat Show yesterday and won her Open class and BOB, 2 x 2nd and a 3rd in side classes!! We are very proud of her she has done well as a kitten...Indigo will be going to her next show as an adult so we are hoping for her first Champion Certificate soon.









Westlakes Autumn Breeze done us very proud on the 6th June 09 at the Somerset Cat Club Show, she gained 1st in her Open Class, BEST OF BREED, 1st & 2nd in Miscellaneous Classes. Thank you to Ms J Clare for her 1st CC. Breeze was very laid back about it all and gave lots of purrs. WELL DONE MY BABY!!!!!! 



Kylerhea Indigo also went to the Somerset Cat Club Show 6TH June 09 she gained a 2nd in her Open Class and a 3rd in her Miscellaneous Class. Indigo was very confident and really enjoyed all the fuss and snuggles.

Westlakes Winter Storm went to the National Cat Show 2008 and gained 1st and BEST OF BREED in the kitten class - we are so proud of this young lady.




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