D.O.B - 15/04/08

COLOUR - Black smoke & white (67 31s) Neuter

Tested -  April 2012  FeLV, FIV negative

Storm know to us as "Magpie" is a beautiful girl full of confidence and very loving. She has a special something about her that everybody can't resist when they meet her. I think she should have been born a tortie because she like to pinch things around the house hence the nickname "Magpie"!! From what i've been told she follows her mum Rosie and Grandmother Armani. Thank you Alison for such a fantastic girl and for introducing me to this wonderful breed. Storm was recently neutered (May 2010) and is a very happy girl she takes great pleasure watching over all the youngsters  and enjoying the mad games they play.




 D.O.B - 15/04/08

COLOUR - Tortie silver tabby & white (67 31ets) Neuter

Breeze is an extremely friendly girl with a temperament of an angel, her favourite time is when she is snuggled up in your arms suckling like a kitten!! She likes to spend lots of time playing with her litter sister Storm and also has a great relationship with all her other house mates.  Breeze is now a proud mother of 6 kittens, we look forward to watching their development and will be seeing them out in the shows this Summer. We achieved our goal in raising them with the confidence and superb temperament of these treasures. Breeze was neutered 18th July 2011 due to a womb infection, she will always remain with us as our first ever Norwegian along with her sister Storm.





D.O.B -  25/10/08

COLOUR - Tortie & white (67 22)

Tested -  January 2008 -  FeLV, FIV negative

Indigo is a very interesting girl with strong tortie colouring which you will either love or hate. She loves to be running around and up to mischief in the cat run. She has a great time with Jewel her play mate and loves to cuddle in the night on my chest giving me kisses on my chin. Indigo is very confident and likes lots of attention at the shows.






D.O.B - 7th April 09 

COLOUR - silver tabby & white   -  Male Neuter


Pirate is now a year old and is a lovely big boy with such a gentle nature, he likes to have a mad half hour run around but likes nothing better than a lap to cuddle up on, he is an absolute dream to have the pleasure of owning!! Considering he's a boy his whites are always pure white.....I think Alison told me pookeys when she said he was the hooligan of the litter :-)








DOB - 9th May 2009

COLOUR - silver tortie tabby & white

Tested -  April 2012  FeLV, FIV negative


The one and only Vivien, she is like no other cat i've ever known, always in trouble and into mischief!! Vivvy has a sweet nature and loves to have a cuddle, her favourite friend is Pirate and she has a lovely relationship with the kittens. Vivvy and Indie are half sisters both having Esbjerg's Captain Barbossa as their dad (German Import). Vivien will be out in the shows soon.






DOB - 17th August 2009

COLOUR - Black silver tabby & white

Tested -  April 2012  FeLV, FIV negative


Seryn means star in welsh and that is exactly what this big girl is. She is the daughter of Westlakes Breeze and S* Tigressans Tippo from our first litter.  Seryn has great solid boning and is a well balanced girl with a lovely gentle loving temperament. We hope that she will continue to do well in the future on the show bench after she has taken a short break having produced our new baby boy Magic Star. Seryn will be back on show early 2011.





 DOB - 21st March 2010

 COLOUR - Blue tortie tabby 

 Tested -  April 2012  FeLV, FIV negative


Tipsy as she's know by us is a beautiful blue tortie girl with fantastic ear tips and a big tail tip hence the name "Tipsy".  She is very confident at home with her play mates and a very excepting girl of other cats. We look forward to taking her out in the near future to a few shows. Thank you Linda for letting us have this beautiful girl.



DOB - 23rd November 2009


COLOUR - Black & White -  Male neuter

 FeLV, FIV negative parents


Our long awaited boy from Umea, Sweden finally came home with us on the 3rd February 2011 nearly a year since I first seen him as a small kitten on our previous visit in February 2010. Kiton is a quiet, calm handsome boy with a special look that I really love, he has a wonderful head shape and expression, lovely long body and great boning.  We are so thankful to Kerstin, Lennart and Mia for letting us have this wonderful opportunity to own such a special boy and also a huge thank you for keeping him such a long time in your home for him to get his "pet passport" to live in the U.K. You can watch Kiton's development on our up & coming page where you will find lots of pictures.





DOB - 9th April 2010


 FeLV, FIV negative parents

 Closed stud only to be used by myself and Catlicks, under NO circumstances will he be used by another cattery.

Julius was born on the 9th April 2010 in a cattery in Norway N* Migotos owned by Eva Dahl Eide.

It was love at first sight when I seen this wonderful boy at just 8 days old, I instantly knew he was for me. .......I can't thank Eva enough for letting me have my dream boy and keeping him for a very long year for him to complete his pet passport to enter the UK.

Julius has become a champion in three straight shows, also gaining BIV & BIS semi longhair at the SWCCC!!

You can find more info and pictures on this wonderful boy on the menu bar under Julius.





DOB - 17th April 2012

Colour - Silver tabby & white  ns 09 22

FeLV, FIV negative parents


 Fenix Dumny Kot was born in a cattery in Torun, Poland. He is known to us as Torun because its a nice reminder as to where this handsome boy was born. I noticed this boy when he was just a week old and he reminded me of our special boy Magic Star who we desperately miss, after looking at the parents i noticed that Fantastic Chaton Roux *PL his mum has the same expresion as Seryn of Wildwegies who was the mother of Magic. As the weeks passed i knew for certain this boy was meant to be mine and on Tuesday 7th August 2012 my angel Torun became part of my wonderful feline family.

My deepest thanks goes out to Inna Gawarkiewicz for entrusting me with Torun and making it possible to own such a special boy who i can only describe as a dream come true, he has taken away the sadness and made me smile again with his fantastic temperament and big purr.

I must also thank Anna Lipecka Cattery Omahkatayo * PL who is the owner of  Earl Grey Bason *PL who also made this possible for letting Inna have this super mating.


A very huge thank you to Sue & Steve at Catlickscats for travelling 2250 miles by road with me to collect my super boy, it was a lovely journey but maybe we would fly next time, exhausted comes to mind :)